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We are Estuary Small Animal Rescue (ESAR).

A place for small animals who's owners have done their best but cant provide a good home. Animals who need a second chance. Animals who have been abandoned!

We will care for them while they are with us. Make sure they are neutered and vaccinated and in generally good health. Then we will do our best to find them a good home.



Whatever the reason, if a small animal finds its way to us it's because one way or another, things haven't gone to plan.

We know most of the time, it's just that circumstances change so we applaud anyone who surrenders an animal that they feel they cannot care for. It takes strength to say "I made a mistake and now I want to do whats best for the animal"

Here at ESAR, these animals in need will receive an enclosure that is at least RWAF minimum requirements and often more than minimum. They will be cared for medically and they will receive the best diet we can give them. (Obviously we know where to get some excellent forage)

We also make sure that their new owners will be able to provide the same standards of living as they receive with us. RWAF Minimum standards. No being locked away in small hutches and owners who are willing to learn about their animals needs.


We Are Not A Charity

We have underlined that and put it in bold. We have done that because we don't want anyone to think we are pretending to be one. Our vision is that we are able to earn enough money from selling forage, not only, to pay ourselves but also to fund our rescue. 

We are a small rescue and we hope, in time, to have 6 enclosures to house small animals in need. If all 6 were constantly full then this would cost us around £10,000 a year in total.

We hope to be able to fully fund this without having to rely on kind and generous strangers, however, we will never turn our back on any help that those kind and generous people are willing to give us.


With that in mind, below you will see two links. The first is a link to our amazon wish list with items that are always useful to our rescue. The second is a direct donation button. If you wish to, please do help any way you can and know that it will be greatly appreciated.

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Get in Touch

If you would like to adopt one of our rescues, need to surrender one to us or otherwise wish to get in touch, please see our contact details below.

3 Gas Works Cottages, Meathop Road,

Grange Over Sands, LA11 6QZ

(Appointments are necessary if you would like to visit) 

Or call...

Meathop Fell Forage on...

07862 246356

Or go to our CONTACT page and fill out the form.

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