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Here, by the side of the Winster and in the shade of Meathop Fell, Cumbria, we are Heather and Pat, a husband and wife team of animal mad oddballs with more pets than sense.

We have over 40 animals including cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and ducks AND we run an Animal Supplies shop in Carnforth, Lancashire called Mabel's Place

We wanted to give our small animals the best diet we could so we started foraging the garden, fellside and riverbank for natural treats for our furries.

Before we knew it we had become local experts on the craft.

We decided to put our knowledge to good use and start this range of fantastic forage with blends designed for rabbits, and great for any small foraging animal as well as reasonably priced single forage selections.

Not long after that we decided we wanted to do something really awesome so we opened Estuary Small Animal Rescue. We rehome and rescue any small animal we are able to.

Then finally we found a shop to rent with our friend - Myles-  that had everything we were looking for so we opened Mabel's Place. Our fab independent pet shop.

So treat your Rabbits or other furry friends to a bag or two of our finest natural forage.

Meathop Fell Forage

Simply divine!

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